Triathlon clinics & training

Do you want to start a triathlon with even more confidence? DTS offers transition clinics and triathlon training for all athletes: from the beginner who would like to learn the basic techniques of a triathlon, to the experienced veteran who would like to improve those last few percent towards an even faster time. The trainers at DTS have the knowledge and experience to make sure you are well prepared.


On this page you can read the most important information about the DTS trainings and clinics. You can register for a clinic or training through the registration form of our races. Already registered for a race and want to do a training or clinic? Then log into your MyLaps environment and add the training or clinic!

DTS transition clinic (€35: 2 hours)

During the DTS transition clinics, you will go through the transitions from swimming to cycling and from cycling to running with the trainer. You will practice different skills that will help you make a smooth transition. Are you curious about which skills these are? 

Switching in general

Putting on and taking off the wetsuit

Quick laces


On the Thursday before the races you will practice the technique of changing at the race site. The physical effort remains low so you will be fresh at the start of your triathlon.

Dates clinics

Thursday, June 8, 19:00 hrs., location: DTS GP ZANDVOORT
Thursday, June 29, 19:00 hrs, location: DTS HLMRMEER
Thursday, Aug. 17, 19:00 hrs, location DTS OUDERKERK
Thursday, Sept. 14, 19:00 hrs, location DTS BOSBAAN

Program clinics

6:45 p.m. – Reception & registration
19:00 hours – Start of clinic
21:00 hours – Joint conclusion

– Clothing that you would wear at the triathlon (e.g. tri-suit)
– Long clothing to stay warm in between and afterward (showering afterward not possible)
– Swimming goggles and swimming cap
– Bike, helmet, and cycling shoes (and possibly cycling glasses)
– Running shoes 

What will this clinic get you?

In this clinic, you will learn how to go through the substitutions safely, according to the rules, and flying by. This is why the clinic has proven popular with both novice and experienced triathletes in recent years.

In just one switch clinic, the inexperienced switcher can quickly shave a minute off his finishing time. Now that’s efficient training!


Trainers from Training Tweaks will provide the transition clinics and triathlon training. Training Tweaks has been the regular coaching partner of DTS for several years. For more information on personal coaching that really makes you better, also visit

Wouter Dijkshoorn

Physical therapist / Exercise scientist / Instructor Amsterdam UMC / Level 3 running & triathlon coach

In addition to my work at the family medicine school at UMC Amsterdam, I have been active in the sport of triathlon since 2014. I supervise athletes with individual coaching and group training. I am also involved in training trainers. For several years now I have been giving clinics for DTS (formerly Amsterdam Triathlons) and I am triathlon trainer of the premier league selection of De Dolfijn.

As an athlete myself, I am mainly active in the Eredivisie, but I also compete a lot in the cross-country circuit. On September 8, 2019 I became Dutch Champion Cross Triathlon and I may thus defend the national tricolor during all cross races this year.

Young Fokker

Sports physiotherapist / Lecturer & researcher Hogeschool van Amsterdam / Level 3 running and triathlon coach / Personal trainer

Besides my work at the Physical Therapy program at the HvA, I have been active in triathlon since 2015. I started with a sprint triathlon at the Bosbaan (then Amsterdam Triathlons) and that has since grown to the full distance. I teach running training and I coach athletes with individual coaching. 

Since this year I may participate in the team competition triathlon in the 3rdDivision and concentrate mainly on the long distances of the triathlon. 


Physical therapist / Exercise scientist / Running trainer

After competitive rowing, I became infected with the triathlon virus. Besides regular races, I also did several Wordcups and European Championships in the paralympic field (due to a fixed ankle). Since 2020, I have been affiliated with Training Tweaks to help people achieve their athletic goals.