With a spacious sandy beach, a large grassy area and the beautiful, quiet roads in the area, the Ouderkerkerplas is an ideal location for a great triathlon. You swim in the “small” lake and bike and run around the “big” lake.





A characteristic feature of the DTS OUDERKERK course is, of course, the start on the sandy beach. The running athletes competing to be the first in the water always provides a special image. In both the sprint and the Olympic distance, you complete a so-called “land lap. This means that after a lap of swimming and walking a bit on the beach, you start your next lap of swimming.


OD participants complete three 500-meter swim laps, sprint participants do two 375-meter laps.


The sprint bike course consists of four 5-kilometer laps around the lake, while OD participants complete a 10-kilometer lap just as often.


You run on the walking path around the lake. The running course can be described as highly technical, with lots of turns and turns at the end of the lap, before you cross the lake via the running pier. For the Olympic distance, you do two of these running laps.