You will have a chance to go for the win in the DTS Competition. This year, DTS GRAND PRIX ZANDVOORT, DTS HLMRMEER, DTS OUDERKERK and DTS BOSBAAN fall under the DTS Competition. 

To compete in the DTS Competition you must participate in at least three of the four races. As a participant, you can join the Facebook group DTS Competition. Here you will meet your fellow competitors and you can chat with each other, discuss the results, and make arrangements to train together or drive to the races.


Anyone who participates in at least three of the four races in the DTS Competition is eligible for the awards.


All DTS competitions daily winners will be awarded. In addition to the overall winners of the men’s, women’s and relay teams, there are awards for the various age categories (Age Groups).

Both for the day prizes of each competition, as for the DTS Competition, we have five Age Groups:

– 14-29 years
– 30-39 years old
– 40-49 year
– 50-59 years old
– 60+

During our season finale on September 17, at DTS BOSBAAN, the best three men and the best three women in these Age Groups will be grandly honored.


During every DTS race, there are points to be earned. Your place in the DTS Competition is determined by the number of points you score during the season. Your best three results will count towards your total.

The winner of an Age Group Sprint wins 1000 points.
The winner of an OD Age Group wins 1025 points.

The calculation of your points goes as follows:
The faster you finish your triathlon, the more points you score.
The time of the winner in your Age Group is divided by your own time and multiplied by the number of points the winner receives.

Example Sprint calculation:
The winner finishes after exactly 60 min: 1000 x (60/60) = 1000 points
If you finish in 1:03 (63 min) : 1000 x (60/63) = 952 points
If you finish in 1.12 h (72 min) : 1000 x (60/72) = 883 points
If you finish in 1.55 hrs (115 min) : 1000 x (60/115) = 522 points

Bonus points can be earned at each DTS race. For each Age Group applies:

– Fastest swim: 100 points

– Fastest bike: 100 points

– Fastest run: 100 points