It is a world class location. The Bosbaan, on the edge of the Amsterdamse Bos, has more than once been the stage for rowing competitions between the very best in the world. It is a location that breathes professional sports. The beautiful forest makes the Bosbaan the perfect place for a great triathlon.


Technical, compact and fast. That is the course of DTS BOSBAAN. After a swimming round of 750 meters in the Bosbaan, you take your bike for four rounds of 5 kilometers on the cycle paths, which are completely closed to other traffic. Due to the ‘straight-forward’ character of the bike course, you can clock extremely fast times. You complete the running lap, which is about 1 kilometer long, five times.





The Olympic Distance of DTS Bosbaan is extra unique, because we cannot organize this distance every season. In very exceptional cases, we are allowed to close the public road that runs right through the Amsterdamse Bos to other traffic. We will be allowed to do this again in 2021. So take that chance!

After a swimming lap of 1500 meters in the famous Amsterdam Bosbaan, you take your bike for four rounds of 10 kilometers. Great times can be set on this fast track. The running course is two laps of 5KM around the entire Bosbaan.