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Dear triatlete,

At the beginning of January there was hope that we could organize our competitions ‘normally’ again this season, but Covid-19 determined differently. We had to cancel the first two races of our brand new Dutch Triathlons label. The tension remained but for a while it seemed that everything was ‘opening’ again and a sigh of relief went through -organizing- Netherlands. Two weeks ago, that freedom that was offered was abruptly crushed again and everything and everyone was thrown back into that deep pit of uncertainty. Again unrest, doubt and above all dissatisfaction. Corona still has us in its grip. And that leads to unpleasant consequences.

The Netherlands is rapidly turning dark red on the Corona map and there is again a lot of consultation with permit issuers. The stricter measures taken nationally also cause a lot of unrest and doubt among local municipalities. They often feel bound hand and foot and cannot give the green light until the national government does.

Amsterdam Sport Events has already invested a lot this year to be able to present a new label and organize the Dutch Triathlons in the right atmosphere and thus provide the participants with a great day. After all, it is also about the experience. You have trained hard and everyone comes with their own story about the finish. Our responsibility is to ensure a safe course and the right cozy atmosphere on and around the course. If we can’t offer that, if the government keeps stopping the boat and the municipality can’t give us a permit as a result, it will unfortunately stop.

August 21 comes too early, and with the current Corona measures and uncertainty for the next few weeks, we can’t help but cancel DTS OUDERKERK at the moment. Of course we think this is terrible, but especially for you as a participant it is also a disappointment. Of course we try to ease that pain as much as possible by offering you to transfer this registration 100% to either the Bosbaan on September 25 or one of the four DTS competitions in 2022. Refunding the registration fee is for us, after 1.5 years of Corona, unfortunately really not possible. We hope for your understanding.


1. Purchased products such as race number band and/or Lock Lace laces will be sent.
2. Paid products such as rental wetsuit, rental bicycle and/or clinic are fully transferred or refunded if desired. Mail us at if you have purchased something so that we can make it right!

We end on a positive note with the hope that DTS BOSBAAN can continue on September 25 and put the full focus on that last event to make it a mega sporty party with all the bells and whistles. We hope you’ll be there!

Thank you again for your patience, understanding and flexibility.

Keep on training, stay strong, stay safe!

Lars Vreugdenhil
Race Director